Branding, Editorial


PRIN•CI•PLE is a Farm-to-Table concept restaurant in Seminyak with a focus on Quality, Taste, and Technique. They strive to provide a simple, natural, high-quality gourmet experience sourced from local farmers so visitors can always taste one of the best dining experiences Bali can offer.

The concept for the logo is inspired by the manuscript of the past, which people hold as their source of principle. We created a logo based on the illuminated manuscript style, particularly the initials. Because the initial is the beginning of the whole manuscript, just like cooking should start with a principle.

This conceptual thinking also applies when we’re deciding on what the graphic elements that complement the logo should be. We chose illustrations of fresh farm produce & ingredients with a realist pencil sketch treatment. This is to further emphasize the restaurant’s principle of providing a quality dining experience starting from acquiring the best natural ingredients from local farmers, just as any painting would start from a pencil sketch.