• Tamagoyaki Packaging

    Tamagoyaki Packaging

    Tamagoyaki Packaging 吉野物语/玉子烧包装, by NiceLab Studio. Love the simple yet eye-catching design. The design itself is very versatile as it can be changed for different products while carrying out the same concept. While involving the real product with the simple design. Love it!

  • Stuck in the 80s – Guaraná Antarctica

    Stuck in the 80s – Guaraná Antarctica

    A project by Manoel Michael, Roma Joana and Isadora Correia. Brazilian women’s soccer receives the same investments as mens’s…in the 1980’s. That’s why Guaraná Antarctica, Brazil’s most popular soft drink relaunched its 1980’s bottle design. Each bottle sold was converted in donations to an NGO that works towards helping  young girls develop their soccer talents in…

  • Polar Pass

    Polar Pass

    Introducing Polar Pass: an avant-garde design odyssey crafted by the visionary minds at Art. Lebedev Studio. This groundbreaking project redefines the boundaries of exploration by spotlighting the hidden gems of the Arctic—Khibiny, Teriberka, Franz Josef Land, Wrangel Island, and beyond. At its core, Polar Pass is more than a mere journey; it’s an immersive narrative…

  • Big Bird

    Big Bird

    BigBird is a concept project by Volodymyr Bosyi, MOCAMP & Davyd Team, branding and packaging of the hypothetical perfume brand. The brand reveals the idea of the aromatic essence of flowers, where each fragrance is filled with the fresh and magical beauty of blossoming flowers.  Concept project that reimagines the world of perfume branding and packaging through the lens…

  • Sunlight: Solar Energy

    Sunlight: Solar Energy

    Sunlight: Solar Energy by Paulo Henrique Tirabassi. A project celebrates the visual identity of Sunlight, a solar energy company committed to sustainability. We reflect on the creative process, from solar inspiration to unique illustrations and an intuitive app. The visual identity incorporates colours and elements inspired by the sun, conveying confidence and innovation. Sunlight aims…