Digital Imaging, Editorial

Athena Jewellery

Athena Jewellery is one of the long and well established diamond & gold jewelry store in Bali. Their flagship store is located in Denpasar’s biggest mall and most frequented by the local’s upper class customers. To be in their customer’s top-of-mind awareness and stay on the lead amidst rising jewelry brand newcomers, Athena has always understand the importance of effective & exciting marketingstrategy to encourage sales. RUPA has been chosen to help support their marketing team’s ideas with visually aesthetic and eye-catching design solutions.

On February 2018, Chinese New Year (SinChia) and the Valentine’s Day fall on the same date, which means that the main target customers of Athena is both having a holiday celebration and ideally want to spend it with their loved one. Therefore a new marketing promo was created by combining these 2 words into “Valenchia.” We designed a poster that highlighted one of Athena’s new featured couple ring during that period and use heart-shaped window flowers (窗花) inspired by Chinese paper-cutting art. We also help design a display board system to be placed in Athena’s storefront that will also accommodate future marketing poster & décor purpose.

Athena’s next campaign was a loyalty reward event that will be held for a one year period. We figured that the main draw would be the prizes and took visual key from one of their top prize which is a holiday trip to Japan. We use sakura petal elements which is iconic of Japan’s springtime, and origami birds to symbolize the wishes that can be fulfilled by this event. We also utilized our previously designed display board and décor space to display the promo poster and decorate it with origami birds and little sakura tree pot. 

We supported various graphic design needs for their marketing team such as posters, x-banners, pamphlets, social media posters, and discount vouchers. We also designed a simple booklet that aim to educate their customers about diamond’s terminology, which in turn will help them make an informed decision regarding their purchases.