ByCcino Cookies : Nyepi

A packaging project for ByCcino Cookies, a newcomer to the pastry world in Bali. Their mission is to bring a new and unique taste from the International pastry into the local pastry market. With that mission, ByCcino needs to capture their customer’s interest not only with their unique taste but also through their packaging. The challenge for our team is to create packaging for three Indonesian religious events: Chinese New Year, Lebaran, and Nyepi. Each of the packaging will have to represent each of the religious themes while keeping the ByCcino’sbrand prominent.

Nyepi, or the “Day of Silence” is essentially a Balinese New Year. This is a day reserved for self-reflection, the main restrictions are no lighting of fires; no working; no entertainment or pleasure; no travelling; and, for some, no talking or eating at all. One of the very iconic depictions of Nyepi is the pitch-black night in the cities adorned with the river of stars in the sky as no one is allowed to turn on their light during the night. 

Inspired by the iconic visual and feel of Nyepi Night, we use black & gold colour as the main colour. While black represents the silence and tranquillity of the night, gold represents the stars and the victory of good over evil. We decorate the box with detailings such as Balinese iconic patterns and gold ink to achieve a premium look. These accessories aren’t meant only for aesthetics, but also because we want our customers to experience the feeling of stepping deeper into inner peace as they unbox the packaging, embracing the mystical vibe of Nyepi.