A rebranding project for Dahana Restaurant, one of the first Japanese restaurant pioneers in Bali. Located in Seminyak, a fast-growing commercial area in Bali, Dahana wants to elevate its brand by refreshing its looks.

The challenge for our team is to keep the image of traditional and elegant Japanese which is the soul of Dahanaand incorporate modern into it. Dahana starts with a humble beginning of a small restaurant run by the owner and a small team. The restaurant itself was the owner’s old house turned into a restaurant. Every corner was filled with personal touch of the owner, from hand painting to hand-made ceramic to be used and displayed in the restaurant. Held by the heart of the artistic owner, Dahana is always known for its peaceful atmosphere.

As the restaurant refreshed its brand wholly, we worked together with the interior design team to achieve an integrated concept. We decided to keep the existing logogram as it is taken from the owner’s handmade ceramic, while the interior design keeps exuding the garden and pool, to keep the peaceful and feminine atmosphere. An aquarelle combination of dark and light blue is used as the brand colour to keep the traditional while harnessing femininity. From logos, we design business cards, bags, menu books, and social media to chopstick covers to raise brand awareness subtly.