Inspired by the success of cheese tea beverage chains in China, the founders of Bobo Tea want to bring these unique blends of experience to Bali. As a newcomer brand in an increasingly saturated market of takeaway beverages, Bobo Tea wants the brand to be instantly recognizable at a glance yet also easily distinguishable from competitors, either direct or distant alike.

During this project, our team worked closely with the interior designer, since the first store will also be the flagship for the brand’s look & feel. The initial design was based on a modern industrial minimalist style, so from the branding team we propose using Cheddar or Cream Cheese yellow as the accent colour to help cheer up the monotonic dominant grey and white tones, we also recommend the usage of wood materials as it can visually represent the colour of Tea. Plant decor & greeneries were also used as material in the store to represent the green colour of tea leaves.

Our integrated branding package also means we are working closely with the commercial photographer, food stylist, videographer, and typography artist to give visual directions regarding the desired look & feel of the representative imageries. We gave storyboards, references and approval on the photos and in turn also used these wonderful results to design their menu, poster, and social media content.