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Suka-Suka Bento

Suka-Suka Bento is a Japanese family resto located in the flourishing city of Mojokerto, East Java, strategically right in the southwest of the province’s capital. As the citizen’s purchasing power increased, they started to go downtown for more culinary exploration, especially Japanese food. Therefore, the demand for a local Japanese family restaurant is observably high.

To convey a friendly feel and answer the brief for a mascot-based logo, a girl in a kimono was chosen. The girl’s smile and open body gesture convey friendliness and a warm welcome. The bento box was placed in such a perspective to bring out an illusion of depth in the logo, which enables a certain feeling of spaciousness. The background was known as Japanese “Hinomaru” or the red sun circle in their national flag. The logotype is highly legible all-caps with a distinctly low profile of Japanese shodō brush strokes, enclosed with hiragana of ‘Su’ and ‘Ka’ to enhance it.