Located in Seminyak, Lantern restaurant takes on contemporary Asian cuisine. From the riverside of Hoi An to the hawkers of Malacca, Lantern brings you the taste of authentic Asia to Bali.

As the business grows, the restaurant wants to introduce its brand into its packaging to raise its brand awareness.⁠

Inspired by the overall feel of Peranakan from the main concept of the restaurant, our team takes on the concept and simplifies it into a more modern design yet with a traditional touch⁠.

The Takeaway bowl design with solid blue and the logo in yellow as the main brand colour.⁠

While the packaging uses a simple design exuding the brand colour, the paper design uses patterns and light colours to match the festive feel of Peranakan⁠. Take away box with blue and yellow as the colour brand with variation of pattern on the edge. While exuding the logo, the information of the restaurant is put on the side as subtle yet informative.⁠