A project to redesign DIJON as an elegant and simple but keeping the DIJON soul intact as the business has already run since 1999 in Bali. The business starts by taking the insight “There was no place to get small amounts of the imported items everyone wanted, so DIJON became that place.” bringing international to local. Little by little DIJON grows into a gourmet restaurant, supermarket and catering.
DIJON design has been around since 1999 and has not been rebranded ever since. The design is classic and needs a fresher look as the business grows bigger.
As we dig deep into the current design, we found the inconsistent use of colour in the design, which makes the brand confusing. While the colour inconsistency across the design, there is also some redundant use in the packaging design.
As the brief request, specific colours are to be included in the new design. We explore the elegant blue of England to represent elegance and simplicity.
Elegance is all about details in simplicity. Using a combination of line thickness with golden colour to achieve an elegant feel.
To keep consistency throughout the design, the label will use the same format. Where Dijon logo will only be used on a blue background with the line detail around it. Where the placement on the edge of one side of the canvas and the size can be adjusted.
The design will utilize the iconic handwriting of Dijon owner as of the item name. Adding detail into the design while keeping the soul of the DIJON. Merging elegance with classic but keeping it simple.
For packaging labels (e.g. spices), the same consistency will be applied. Use a simple label with doff plastic. Keeping the design simple while giving the customer cleared window peaking for the product.