ByCcino Cookies : Lebaran

A packaging project for ByCcino Cookies, a newcomer to the pastry world in Bali. Their mission is to bring a new and unique taste from the International pastry into the local pastry market. With that mission, ByCcino needs to capture their customer’s interest not only with their unique taste but also through their packaging. The challenge for our team is to create packaging for three Indonesian religious events: Chinese New Year, Lebaran, and Nyepi. Each of the packaging will have to represent each of the religious themes while keeping the ByCcino’sbrand prominent.

‘Lebaran’ or Idul Fitri is the popular name for Eid al-Fitr in Indonesia. Taking inspiration from the iconic Kaaba in Mecca, we proposed a packaging concept with the stacked model. We take a cubic shape as a base and adorn it with an Ottoman-style pattern as the visual flavouring on the side, then we created a tactile feel of dimension through the use of a patterned laser-cut decor reminiscence of Arabic-styled mosque’s windows. We chose gold and an elegant shade of green because we want to preserve the iconic colour schemes that evoke Muslim New Year’s festivities while elevating it with a touch of luxury.