Bo & Bun

Nestled in the heart of Seminyak, Bo & Bun is a fusion eatery combining South East Asian gourmet and romantic French dining décor. Bo & Bun has successfully crafted exotic flavours from all around Asia using fresh local produce and quality ingredients since its establishment in September 2014.

Bo & Bun believes in providing the best dining experience not only at its restaurant premise, but also at its customers’ homes. Our task is to channel that experience home through its take-away packaging. 

We aimed to create a simple and straightforward packaging, while at the same time expressing Bo & Bun’s romantic French décor style. With the dishes being the champion, its packaging would be the representative of Bo & Bun’s brand to elevate the dining experience. 

To ensure consistency across the whole brand experience, we created take-away bowl, box, and paper bag.