Illustration, Social Media

BCA Career Content Visual

BCA Career is a division under BCA that focuses on talent acquiring & recruitments. They want to create a new communication channel where they can engage and approach with the pool of fresh graduates & jobseekers in instagram. We supported the creation of visuals for their planned contents during the 3 months post-launch period.

Collaborating with the social media agency, we translated long contents into bite-sized easy to digest information that audiences can visually enjoy through the carousel system. This also means the visuals we make has to be conceptually consistent through each consecutive slides. Since the target of engagement is predominantly in the late teen & young adult category, the visual direction is to be entertaining, informative, hip, and viral-aware. The work pipelines are also under very tight weekly deadlines so it’s mutually agreed that only select posts will be made in bespoke manner.

Some of these content utilized visually-adapted memes that was viral during that period to quickly connect with our young and trend-driven target audience. For example, an uptrending viral post from tiktok was about to took off when our content writer requested a visual. We chose an appropriate meme that can visually augment the idea and made a bespoke version of it for the brand. We have also utilized other memes in this manner, such as the “spiderman pointing at spiderman” and “jimoffice whiteboard” memes. 

We work closely with the content writer to brainstorm the most appropriate visuals for each proposed post, then we proceed to create a sketched storyboard to reach mutual understanding with the client and for a more flexible idea adjustment, after the storyboard approval we move ahead to work on the final artworks digitally. This way there’s always a clear separation of workflow priorities between workload that requires whether visual ideation, high polish, or processing feedbacks.