ByCcino Cookies : Chinese New Year

A packaging project for ByCcino Cookies, a newcomer to the pastry world in Bali. Their mission is to bring a new and unique taste from the International pastry into the local pastry market. With that mission, ByCcino needs to capture their customer’s interest not only with their unique taste but also through their packaging. The challenge for our team is to create packaging for three Indonesian religious events: Chinese New Year, Lebaran, and Nyepi. Each of the packaging will have to represent each of the religious themes while keeping the ByCcino’sbrand prominent. 

The Chinese New Year is always identic with red & gold colour. We want to bring luxury and festivity into the packaging but spice it up with a modern twist. So we chose red as the main colour and infused a contemporary dose of blues. A colourful abstract graphic was used bordered with detailed oriental-style laser-cut framing to achieve a highly detailed and luxurious finish. 

During the Chinese New Year, people celebrate by spending time with their families. Going from this insight, we proposed a bespoke box model that can accommodate more than one person to unbox & enjoy the cookies inside together, a double-drawer concept. This way, the festivities and feeling of togetherness and close bonding with family can also be hopefully enhanced by ByCcino’s presence.